Fisheye Camera

Wouldn't it be great if one camera could do the job of many?
  • Full 360° Coverage
  • Dewarp The Image Into A Normal View
  • Lowers Installation Cost
  • Available In Up To 12MP (6x More Than 1080p)
  • Provides The Same Coverage As 4+ Cameras

See It In Action!

Check out our demo video to see the fisheye dewarping from a smartphone in action!

Full 360° Coverage

One single camera provides a full 360° image from the ceiling


Using software on your PC or via the smartphone app, the fisheye image can be dewarped into multiview or panoramic images.

Lower Installation Cost

Since one camera covers a much larger area with its 1.57mm fisheye lens, your security professional will spend less time installing multiple cameras to achieve the same coverage, saving you money!